Our Courses in Switzerland

Our courses in Switzerland are held in the historic building of “SHI” located in the Canton Zug (Central Switzerland). There are very bright and spacious school facilities at our disposal.


The M A D E R OxX®-therapy is beneficial in the work of Palliative Care:

-At the end of life, the unconscious becomes stronger and the conscious weaker. Traumatic events from the past can flare up. Affected usually become restless or behave over-controlling and can be a challenge for the care staff.

- The M A D E R OxX®-Method was developed in such a way that it also be carried out in a lateral position. This in order to treat affected people, also in Palliative Care. By enabling mental stabilization and reassurance for the client, also the care team experiences relieve.

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Fiona Ulrich, Expert Registration M A D E R OxX®

We'll soon offer courses in the USA. Further information will be up soon!