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  • Courses in the USA - Starting in California
  • M A D E R OxX® with Yannis and Sandra
  • M A D E R OxX® - in the Palliative Care
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Courses in the USA - Starting in California

We are very happy to announce our first upcoming courses in the USA, starting in California. We feel so honored to be supported by the international reflexology teacher Stefanie Sabounchian. She will be joining us at this unique and very first course in California.


Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for Reflexologists, Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers, Physical Therapists, Trainers, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Doctors & Nurses, and all others in the caring arts.  Please check within your own state for license requirements.

You should be interested in body-reflexology and like to support clients with anxiety disorder, a traumatic background (PTSD), depressive moods, fear of contact, chronic pain and other diseases with the M A D E R OxX®-therapy.

Yannis explains why the knowledge for TIC "Trauma Informed Care" becomes more important in the future

Sandra explains more about the M A D E R OxX®-therapy

coming up in english soon

M A D E R OxX® - in the Palliative Care

-At the end of life, the unconscious becomes stronger and the conscious weaker. Traumatic events from the past can flare up. Affected usually become restless or behave over-controlling and can be a challenge for the care staff.

- The M A D E R OxX®-Method was developed in such a way that it also be carried out in a lateral position.  If it is not possible in the lateral position as well, the M A D E R OxX®-Method offers a special and very calming treatment for the front upper body and the facial area. This in order to help affected people, also in Palliative Care. By enabling mental stabilization and reassurance for the client, the care team experiences relieve as well.

"Our conscious mind gets weaker and our unconscious mind gets stronger at the end of life. It's important to reemphasize that not all who have been traumatized in early childhood may experience PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), but flashbacks of the unconscious they felt at that time may arise when their conscious mind gets weaker.It is important that we know how to mindfully calm affected and to know how to support accordingly".

Deborah Grassman is a Mental Health Nurse Practitioner whose 30-year career at the Department of Veterans Affairs included being the Director of the Hospice program, as well as personally taking care of more than 10,000 dying veterans. Deborah Grassman is most well-known for identifying the unique needs of people with a traumatic background as they near the end of life. The developer of the M A D E R OxX®-therapy was trained from Deborah Grassman and incorporated her gained knowledge into this new body-reflexology method.

Courses in Switzerland

Our courses in Switzerland are held in the historic building of “SHI” located in the canton Zug (central Switzerland). There are very bright and spacious school facilities at our disposal.

Questions & Answers

What is this insurance coverage for and is it included in the course costs?

- In the event that you are unable to attend, you have the insurance included (only available in Switzerland). When booking, your participation is binding; if you are unable to attend for health reasons at short notice, the insurance will cover the course costs (only available in Switzerland). If a course has to be canceled on our part, we will offer alternative dates or we will return your entire course fees.

Maderotherapy is known in the beauty industry and is there used to treat cellulite. How does the M A D E R OxX® method differ?
- First of all, it is important that the word «Maderotherapy» is correctly understood. It’s a worldwide synonym for «wood treatment». The M A D E R OxX® therapy also uses therapy-rolls made of wood. The processes, the wooden therapy roles, the whole concept itself and the therapeutic goal from the M A D E R OxX® therapy, however, differs fundamentally. «Maderotherapy» - wood therapy – originates from Asia and was later changed to a cellulite treatment in Colombia. The M A D E R OxX® therapy goes back to its origins and is used as a complementary therapeutic method for calming, mental stabilization and promoting self and body awareness. Incidentally, M A D E R OxX® does not require any oils or other care products, as it is the case during a massage. Since 2020 the M A D E R OxX® method has been recognized by the SVRT (Swiss Association for Reflexology) as a complementary medical method that belongs to the reflexology-family. In 2021 at the Congress of the RAA Reflexology Association of America, M A D E R OxX® was able to identify itself as a gold-level partner and as a complementary therapeutic method, that belongs to the reflexology-family. 

I am a therapist and I work a lot with my hands. I am now looking for a form of therapy in which I can relieve my hands a little, and to still achieve a deep effect on my clients. What do other therapists say, do they see the M A D E R OxX® therapy as an opportunity for me?
- Absolutely! We often get the feedback that the M A D E R OxX® therapy offers a nice addition, which is a pleasant relief for the hands due to the moderate pressure and the completely different handling on the dermatomes. You can find interesting feedbacks that state the deep relaxing effect i.e., at the evaluation outcome from our test persons on our website, on our expert-testimonials page and on our social media platforms.

What professional opportunities do I have after this training?
- After completing this degree, you are allowed to be commercially active with the M A D E R OxX® therapy. This training offers newcomers a first step into the world of reflexology. If you are interested, you can complete further trainings in reflexology or even aim for a federal qualification in reflexology in Switzerland.

EMR No. 81 foot reflexology,
EMR No. 163 reflexology,
EMR No. 240 reflexology or
EMR No. 4191 certified complementary therapist reflexology

If you live outside of Switzerland, please check the laws and opportunities in your area.

What session price can I charge the client for a M A D E R OxX® treatment?
- In principle, you are free to set your prices. We recommend a M A D E R OxX® session for at least $95.00 / hour (in Switzerland). This is only a guideline and depending on which training you already have, which state you live in and what expenses you have (e.g. practice room etc.). This session price can vary significantly upwards.

Is the M A D E R OxX® method recognized by our health insurance in Switzerland?
- Just as other effective forms of therapy once took time to receive their own EMR number and were recognized by our health insurance companies (Switzerland), the new complementary medical M A D E R OxX® reflexology therapy still requires a little patience until the final approval is done. The effect can already be proven and further studies are in progress, which are required for this health insurance approval process. An important master's thesis is just being written at the BFH Berne University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the University of Basel in Switzerland. With the M A D E R OxX®-Think Tank, we also have a group of certified specialists that is very committed and is helping to bring M A D E R OxX® into the needed associations. You can learn more about our Think Tank members on our website under Experts / Quality Assurance.

I am a certified Therapist and would like to complete part II, do I have to complete part III in order to be able to use the M A D E R OxX® therapy?
- No, you can complete part II and then decide whether you want to complete part III as well. After part II you will receive the certificate level A1. Level A2 would give you the opportunity to treat clients in the later position. For example, for pregnant women, in rehab, in palliative care, etc.

I would only like to receive a further understanding for a TIC "Trauma Informed Care" (without visiting the training to become a licensed M A D E R OxX® therapist). Is that possible?
- Yes. You can also attend the TIC "Trauma Informed Care" basic course, which is advertised by RFM GmbH (our main agency). More information about this course and the costs can be found at (section: TIC "Trauma Informed Care") or: HERE

I'm afraid of exams, which is why I don't want to take any online test. Is that possible?
- The online test is used to only ensure that the course management can recognize ahead of time whether the course participants are still unclear and which can than be addressed again in the individual coaching conversation.

Why will 10% out of the net income be donated to the NPO MENTAL HEALTH in Switzerland or to the NPO Opus Peace in the USA?
- M A D E R OxX® is very socially minded and takes people with disabilities into account, for example, in the production of our therapeutic materials. We see our donations as our social responsibility.

I have further questions, who can I contact?
- We can be reached by phone on +41 41 530 35 70. If we are not available, please leave your name and phone number on the answering machine so that we can call you back as soon as possible. You can also reach us at the following email address: