Quality Assurance

Licensed M A D E R OxX® experts will understand and follow the ethical background of this complementary medical method. M A D E R OxX® experts will know, why this "Person Centered Care" is particularly suitable for people with traumatic background, with disabilities or with anxiety disorders and fear of contact. Experts learn the established method and will know, how M A D E R OxX® can be used professionally for example in geriatrics and in palliative care. Find out what the two xX mean and let M A D E R OxX® excite you as well. 

The M A D E R OxX® license stands for: professionality, mindfulness and compassion in every day and work life.

The M A D E R OxX® "Think Tank" for quality assurance

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"Even though the M A D E R OxX®-method appeals to many beneficially, I particularly have my heart on people with trauma, anxiety disorders and fear of contact. People who have experienced physical and/or mental abuse. With M A D E R OxX® we are addressing a very vulnerable group of individuals. It is therefore indispensable, that the concept and the method are totally understood and that the therapy can be given professional and with the necessary mindfulness"
Sandra Ulrich, Founder

Congratulations To Our Licensed M A D E R OxX® Experts!

1. Course March 2020

2. Course March 2020

3. Course July 2020

Our first Trainer-Team:
Trainer: Madeleine Drosg
Trainer Assistant: Christine Brunner,
Jacqueline Canacik with Sandra Ulrich

After completing the three day course with additional 10 applications (according to regulations), you may apply for the „Professional“ license.

(Therapists with a state-accredited diploma (i.e. bacholor or masters degree) may apply for the "Trainer" license).


After completing the two day course, you may apply for the „Trainer“ license. More information to follow soon.

"Profi Volunteer"
For the usage in the voluntary work you need the „Profi Volunteer“ license. More information to follow soon.


" 3 weeks ago one of my clients (since 3 years she has mental problems and already was in a clinic) had a test treatment and yesterday she reported quite thrilled how very soothing and earthing she had felt the treatment. Another one of my clients, herself a therapist, 45, has leg complaints such as tensions and feelings of oppression. She can hardly bear someone touching her slim and healthy looking legs, especially her knees. Each therapy the theme is : do something with my knees but don’t touch them! I thought this is a case for the wooden therapeutic roles. She was shocked when she saw them and at first refused the treatment. She could not imagine wood touching her knees. But to my surprise, I was able to treat both front legs and she was amazed. „For the first time in my life I felt the touching of my knees as pleasant“.

Monika Hanselmann, Complementary Therapist, dipl. Reflexology

„Today I had a feedback from a test person, who has resistant neuralgic pain in hips and knees: the dermatome treatment did wonders….only after 2 times she is almost pain free (and that by only using the  therapeutic device called "Eel" !!"

Daniela Loosli; Approved Complementary Therapist in Ortho-Bionomy und Reflexology, Registered Nurse Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education 

"Feedback from a test person: At the age of 19 he had a severe motorcycle accident and his left side is partially paralysed. Through the dermatome treatment he could feel a tingling sensation in some of the injured areas for the first time after 30 years. This motivates me to keep on treating!“

Martha Odermatt, Reflexzonentherapist

„The testing day showed me the following measurements; improvement of the vital signs: blood pressure and pulse were mostly lowered and regular after the treatment, the oxygen saturation improved with those probands that had lower measured values before the treatment. Probands that came with pain to the treatment recorded a pain reduction afterwards. All the participants noted a relaxation and a clearly risen well-being. The body awareness was improved as well. Almost everybody found it pleasant that no oil or other care products was applied to the skin and that the therapy-rolls still glided well on the skin. Also there were no skin irritations or injuries recorded.“
Barbara Spandau; Specialized in Geriatric Nursing and Palliative Care with Pain Management in Cancer, Germany

„Everyone I was allowed to treat (from young to old) perceived a deep relaxation und satisfaction. This is enough motivation for me to further support the project of M A D E R OxX®.“
Christine Brunner; Registred Nurse Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education, Dipl. DORN. Therapist, Switzerland

„I can recommend M A D E R OxX® because through the treatment-rolls the tactile and proprioceptive human cognition is fostered. It helps to regulate the breathing, the hearth circulation, the thoughts and this has a positive effect on the metabolism, the immune system, the nervous system and the mind. A therapy that responds to body, soul and mind.“
Agnes Ulrich-Brotschi; Dipl. Ergotherapist HF, Dipl. Yogatherapist YCH/EYV, Dipl. Svastha, Switzerland

„M A D E R OxX® has a calming effect on the therapist itself, as the therapiest have to be in total harmony with the client. I am looking forward to be able to work further on this project.“
Ana Jeremic Dipl. Masseur, Switzerland