M A D E R OxX® for Relaxation a
Depression is a common illness worldwide, with more than 264 million people affected. Depressed individuals often have a greater right than left frontal lobe activity. A large scaled US study (published 2014) was able to prove, that after a short moderate pressure massage - just like M A D E R OxX® offers - the frontal lobe activity shifted from right to left.
UNHCR’s annual Global Trends Report – released on 19 June 2019 – shows that nearly 70.8 million people were displaced at the end of 2018. The armed conflicts all over the world not only leave mental health problems for the people affected, but is also traumatizing entire generations. As those issues are often left untreated, mental stress associated with war trauma can have serious repercussions on a whole society.
  • M A D E R OxX® test subjects who showed a high level of stress or had mentioned a high level depressed mood confirmed that their well-being improved significantly after the first treatment and that their sense of stress was noticeably reduced. 
  • M A D E R OxX® calms, stabilizes and can be used before or after a conversation therapy.

"In my life, I am often rushed and have intense muscles pain.
After a M A D E R OxX®-treatment, I feel satisfied, deeply relaxed and very light"
Bettina Grob, Luzern

M A D E R OxX® Develops the Positive Properties of Touch Without Direct Body Contact

The M A D E R OxX®️-Method stimulates the receptors which absorb stimuli over the skin and through the moderate pressure stimulation the production of Oxytocin in the Hippocampus can be promoted. Oxytocin is a touch hormone which amongst other things reduces fear. Bonn scientists, together with colleagues of the German research center Heidelberg and the University of Chengdu (China), were able to document the anxiolytic effect. M A D E R OxX®️- test subjects report a noticeably higher level of well-being after the treatment.

(Source: Oxytocin Facilitates the Extinction of Conditioned Fear in Humans”, Biological Psychiatry 2014)

Don't Hesitate and Get to Know M A D E R OxX® Personally!
  • M A D E R OxX® so that clients can relax and escape their deluge of thoughts.
  • M A D E R OxX® offers an ideal complementary therapy to an existing therapeutic conversation intervention due to its calming effect and its promotion of self-awareness.
  • M A D E R OxX® as a basis for building trust toward the therapist before having a scary body treatment.
  • M A D E R OxX® suitable for people with injuries and skin diseases.