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Are you a qualified therapist in the field of reflexology (with diploma) and are you approved under the law of the USA?  Do you work with patients that suffer  anxiety disorder, chronic pain, depression and burn out? Are you interested in being a part of our team? If yes, contact us - we're looking for you!

Due to Corona we had a small and very fine group. Beatrix Hasler, Patricia Steingrunber and Kathrin Bossard successfully completed their three-day training on February 27, 2021. We are very proud!

Thank you!
Our first refresher course this year was held in the praxis from Barara Glukler in Zurich. Thank you for your warm hospitality.

Congratulation Daniela - thank you very much for your commitment!

We would like to thank Daniela Loosli very much for her extraordinary contribution in 2020 for the M A D E R OxX®-therapy. Daniela is approved complementary therapist in ortho-bionomy and reflexology and qualified nurse with postgraduate studies. Her beautiful practice "MyPhilos" is located in Tremona in the sunny italien part of Switzerland. www.myphilos.ch 

  • "M A D E R OxX® is a very beneficial addition to my range of therapies for reflexology and ortho-bionomy. The method gives my clients the opportunity to experience their body from head to toe in absolute peace and to leave everyday stress behind. After the treatment sleep and digestion are well optimized and pain usually relieved"
  • "Con il metodo M A D E R OxX® si ottiene un rilassamento fisico generale, permettendo alla persona di percepire meglio il suo corpo e lasciare alle spalle lo stress, l’ansia e le paure. M A D E R OxX® incentiva un sonno più riposante, sostiene la digestione e allevia i dolori"
            Daniela Loosli

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