M A D E R OxX®- stands for TIC "Trauma Informed Care"

The M A D E R OxX®-therapy was once developed for people with anxiety disorders and therefore offers a form of therapy that includes all purposes of a TIC "Trauma Informed Care". The TIC M A D E R OxX®-therapy itself is extremely calming, promotes self awareness and body awareness. The therapy processes were developed in a way that the method can optimally support therapeutic interventions with clients that suffer from a traumatic background (e.g. before or after a session with a psychologist/psychiatrist). The M A D E R OxX®-therapy is working with distance and if required can be given gradually e.g. if working on clients with fear of body contact. The unique therapy procedure enables to learn "step by step" to experience physical contact tolerable again.

  • M A D E R OxX®- And Self Awaress
  • M A D E R OxX®- Engagement for Traumatized Individuals
  • M A D E R OxX®- Re-Wire the Traumatic Brain
  • M A D E R OxX®- For Relaxation and Stabilization
  • M A D E R OxX®- For Individuals That Have Fled War, Violence and Persecution...
  • M A D E R OxX®- Without Body Contact
  • M A D E R OxX®- For Security and Protection

"Most mental health issues are relate to a trauma in childhood"
Stephen W. Porges, Professor in Psychiatry. Interview on the 31st annual trauma conference, USA 2020)

M A D E R OxX®- And Self Awaress
„The lack of self-awareness in victims of chronic childhood trauma is sometimes so profound that they cannot recognize themselves in a mirror. Helping you to calm down, to get into your body and to help you relax - that's at the end all what's it about". Bessel van der Kolk
Bessel van der Kolk (born 1943) is a Dutch psychiatrist, author and educator based in Boston USA. He is professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine and President of the Trauma Research Foundation in Brooklin, Massachusetts.

Exercises, that foster mindfulness help to increase self-awareness. With M A D E R OxX®, mindfulness is practiced just as it is possible with meditation and yoga lessons. The difference however is, that with the M A D E R OxX® technique the mindful-training takes place solely due to the unique sequence of the therapy process. Breath deepens and relaxation sets in. Through the moderate pressure stimulation on the receptors (they are placed under the human skin and send information to the brain) also other health-promoting effects can be achieved.

M A D E R OxX® can be used to foster a greater sense of connection between the mind and body complexes, which is a task to re-wire the traumatized brain.

"M A D E R OxX® is an ideal addition to Yoga Therapy. The perception of the body merges with the self consciousness. Because of that, clients can experience a meditative state without previous knowledge and long practice. This is very beneficial for the whole body system."
Cony Fähndrich, Complementary Therapist and Yogatherapist, Luzern

M A D E R OxX®- Engagement for Traumatized Individuals
The founder of the M A D E R OxX®-therapy, Sandra Ulrich, was personally trained within the topic TIC "Trauma Informed Care" in the USA. This opportunity gave Sandra the understanding on the subject of how to care for traumatized people. M A D E R OxX® originated from this knowledge. The TIC therapy application was developed in Switzerland and tested in partnership with Swiss therapists. M A D E R OxX® offers a "Client Center Based" method, which supports the client with its psychological, physical, social and emotional components. The method can be used on children and adults, from the very young to the very old.

"Even though the M A D E R OxX®-method appeals to many beneficially, I particularly have my heart on people with trauma, anxiety disorders and fear of contact. People who have experienced physical and/or mental abuse. With M A D E R OxX® we are addressing a very vulnerable group of individuals. It is therefore indispensable, that the concept and the method are totally understood and that the therapy can be given professional and with the necessary mindfulness"
Sandra Ulrich, Founder and Developer

M A D E R OxX®-  Re-wire the Traumatic Brain
Therapeutic interventions that promote self-awareness help the traumatized brain to "re-wire". According to Prof. Bessel van der Kolk, promoting self-awarness stimulates these brain regions positively that have changed during a traumatic event. The M A D E R OxX®-therapy devices are specially developed and work with a specific procedure on the dermatomes to promote self- and body awareness.

  • M A D E R OxX® test persons confirmed that the body and self- awareness are stimulated very positively due to the specific therapy process, so that the concentration is directed inward, the breath deepens and calmness sets in. A moderate pressure therapy, such as the M A D E R OxX®-therapy offers, helps that the overactivity of the amygdala (danger to our brain) can be reduced and therefore anxiety can be reduced as well. 
  • Trauma creates dysregulation in the body, brain and also in the nervous system. The M A D E R OxX®-therapy is a very relaxing and calming body-reflexology that fosters self- and body awareness. These factors have specifically been found to be important ingredients to regulate the Vagus nerve to ventral position and dampen the over-activity of the emotional and instinctive brain. The unique therapeutic procedure on the dermatomes supports to classify and articulate its own feelings and needs to harness the brain region, that is helping affected to find back to their “self” again. All these are important factors that can help to re-wire the traumatized brain.

M A D E R OxX® - For Relaxation and Stabilization

Mental disorders are increasing worldwide. According to the WHO, around 264 million people are affected by depression. According to the UNHCR (office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) published on June 19th 2019 sais, that almost 70.8 million people fleeing war. The armed world conflicts cause further mental health problems and can traumatize entire generations. Experts estimates, that around 7.7 million (approx. 7%) in Europe alone suffer from PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder (Obsan 72).

  • M A D E R OxX® calms and stabilizes and is used as a supplement before or after conversation therapy.
  • M A D E R OxX® test persons who showed a high level of stress or who were depressed confirmed that their wellbeing had already improved significantly after one session and that their perception of stress was noticeably reduced.

M A D E R OxX®- For Individuals That Have Fled War, Violence and Persecution...

The handicapped children and adults around the world. Some children are born disabled through a genetic issue. Others may have had a traumatic experience, were handicapped through a significant injury by accident or while fleeing from war or disaster. The purpose of the convention on the rights of persons with disabilities is to promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities and to promote respect for their inherent dignity.
(United Nation of Human Rights) (Handicap International)

M A D E R OxX® is a complementary method that is carried out mindful and respects each persons inherent dignity. M A D E R OxX® can be offered on individuals with handicap and is for each gender and age.

M A D E R OxX®- Without Body Contact
Traumatic experiences such as physical or sexual abuse can cause people to reject physical contact. "Touch reduces levels of neurotransmitters such as cortisol that weaken the immune system. And touch also increases levels of neurotransmitters that strengthen the immune system, which in turn promotes healing and recovery from disease". Professor Ralph Nicke, Director of the Clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at the HSK, Dr. Horst Schmidt Klinik in Wiesbaden.

M A D E R OxX® enables a form of treatment that allows the positive properties of touch to develope, although the moderate pressure therapy is not given like an ordinary body massage.

"During the pandemic in particular, it was important to me that I could strengthen my immune system. With the moderate pressure therapy from M A D E R OxX®
- which is given with distance - this was possible. It also calms down and is extremely pleasant "

Dèsirée Schmid, Unterägeri

M A D E R OxX®- For Security and Protection

The treatment processes of the M A D E R OxX®-therapy are structured in a way:

  • that it provides security, protection and to build up trust with a mindful distance

The “feeling of protection and security” can be increased with a M A D E R OxX®-pyjama e.g. to be used for clients that fear body contact. The M A D E R OxX® method is a treatment without direct body contact (hands do not work on the body like a body massage). The therapy devices are made of wood that were treated with an eco friendly varnish. They can be optimally disinfected. The M A D E R OxX®- therapeutic devices make it possible to also treat quarantine patients or highly contagious patients with the needed physical distance.